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Paguro Marine Generators

Quiet, compact, reliable and cost effective the Paguro range has become a popular marine generator especially for customers working with minimal space. 

 Paguro generators… 

  • Powerful …are the most powerful in their class. Their synchronous and permanent magnet alternators generate high peak capability enabling them to start power hungry equipment such as air conditioning and watermakers.
  • Peace and quiet …are water-cooled and feature an enhanced triple skin soundproof capsule with advanced anti-vibration feet (internal and external), ensuring noise and vibration are kept to a minimum.
  • Compact …are compact and light, enabling ease of installation and ensuring minimal loss of valuable storage space.
  • It makes sense …are supplied complete with a remote control panel with a unique real time power monitor so that you can see “at a glance” how much power you are using and how much is available.
  • Clean power …produce a clean sine wave, enabling to use laptops, and other common domestic equipment.
  • Easy to service …are all fitted with an oil change hand pump, making changing the oil a clean and simple job.
  • Engineered for simplicity and reliability …are manufactured using proven techniques and high grade materials to ensure a long life in the mar8ine environment; for example, the water cooling jacket and exhaust manifold are fabricated in 316i stainless steel to prevent corrosion, enabling optimum raw water cooling.
  • Independence …allow you to enjoy the full potential of your boat, giving you the freedom to cruise in comfort and safety. 


Always ask what the continuous output rating is, in kilowatts. Many companies label their generators with the “nominal” output (a rating only acceptable for short periods) in KVA (a theoretical output). For example, a generator with an output of 3.5KVA “Nominal” will only be able to produce about 2.5 KW “Continuous”. 

Paguro generators are labelled by continuous KVA/KW.

There are three ways marine 230V generators commonly make power, “Synchronous”, “Permanent Magnet” and “Asynchronous”. “Synchronous” is the most popular due to it’s inherent ability to cope with short but very high demand for current, to start such machines as air-con units and water-makers.

Paguro generators employ only “Synchronous” or “Permanent Magnet” alternators.

The alternator of a generator creates a lot of heat when generating electricity. Water cooling of the alternator is very important as it eliminates the need for air to be blown through the sound shield as this causes heat and noise. Air cooled alternators run hotter in hot climates, reducing their power output (de-rating). Water cooled alternators do not de-rate in hot climates as sea water temperature variations are not significant. Direct raw water cooling is more efficient than indirect fresh water cooling.

Paguro alternators are engineered for optium performance using raw water cooling.

Quieter, smoother, more powerful.....



2.5KVA (2.0KW)
Cylinders: 1 Speed: 3000
Dimensions (mm): 450x380x440 
Weight (Kg): 46 Specifications


3.0KVA (2.8KW)
Cylinders: 1 Speed: 3000
Dimensions (mm): 550x320x520
Weight (Kg): 70 Specifications


3.0KVA (2.8KW)
Cylinders: 1 Speed: 3000
Dimensions (mm): 450x340x490
Weight (Kg): 60 Specifications


4.0KVA (3.5KW)
Cylinders: 1 Speed: 3000
Dimensions (mm): 550x320x520
Weight (Kg): 83 Specifications


5.0KVA (4.0KW)
Cylinders: 1 Speed: 3000
Dimensions (mm): 550x320x520
Weight (Kg): 83 Specifications


6.0KVA (5.0KW)
Cylinders: 2 Speed: 3000
Dimensions (mm): 660x460x600 
Weight (Kg): 130 Specifications


6.5KVA (6.0KW)
Cylinders: 3 Speed: 1500
Dimensions (mm): 770x460x600
Weight (Kg): 170 Specifications


9.0KVA (8.0KW)
Cylinders: 2 Speed: 3000
Dimensions (mm): 720x460x620
Weight (Kg): 160 Specifications


14.0KVA (11.0KW)
Cylinders: 3 Speed: 3000
Dimensions (mm): 860x580x650
Weight (Kg): 210 Specifications


18.0KVA (16.0KW)
Cylinders: 4 Speed: 3000
Dimensions (mm): 970x580x650
Weight (Kg): 230 Specifications



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